A Distiller’s Cut, worthy of it’s name!



The nginious! Distiller’s Cut was developed specifically for the completion of the Liquid Spirit Distillery in Basel, the home of nginious!. Contrary to the other blended nginious! editions, it is
a London Dry Gin, with citric notes. The nginious! Distiller’s Cut was the very first production ever made on the new Fantastic
Mr. Fox line in the Liquid Spirit Distillery. As a limited edition, only 3,000 magnum bottles (150cl) were produced.



Juniper, lemon peel, grapefruit, coriander, lavender, thyme, pepper, orris root, licorice



London Dry Gin, in which the citrus and flower elements are extracted by passing through the alcohol vapors


150cl 42%

nginious! Distiller’s Cut

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