Nachtmann whiskey glass with nginious! Logo engraved in the base.

Only available in a set of 4


Strictly speaking, BOSSA NOVA was originally not a dance, but a movement. In the very modern social climate of Brazil in the 1950s, the "New Wave" reached its peak until the late 1960s. Artists experimented with new forms of expression in film and music, and Europe was only too happy to be caught up in this wave. Cool jazz, whispering singing style accompanied by virtuoso played guitar quickly made the BOSSA NOVA a dancing star in this country too. The high-contrast braided look of the BOSSA NOVA series interprets this musical experimentation and makes you want more. Ideal for everyone who wants to experience their own personal table culture anew every day. BOSSA NOVA is cool, uncomplicated and with the snap of a finger every table becomes a star

nginious! Nachtmann glasses set (4 pcs.)