nginious! Colors:

What you see is what you get!


nginious! continues innovative ways and creates something unique and special. With their latest idea they make the taste visible:

nginious! Colors!


After the distillation, three natural botanicals are added to the gin through maceration, giving it the right color for the aroma and underlining its unique character.

The senses that are used when drinking the gin expand it by one dimension: smell, taste, sight!


nginious! Colors: PINK

It gets fruity with the PINK Gin: hibiscus, blueberry and rhubarb give the gin its refreshing and floral note. The pink color is created because the three natural botanicals are added after the distillation and thereby color the gin.


Perfect serve: floral tonic e.g. B. Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic or Schweppes Premium Hibiscus Tonic



Hibiscus - blueberry - rhubarb


42% 50cl

nginious! Pink

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