An explosion of flavours and “bartender’s choice”


Like all nginious! Gins, the Smoked & Salted Gin is distilled in separate batches and subsequently blended. Separately from juniper we have distilled bitter oranges, quinces, coriander and ginger.

The real surprise, however, is the use of smoked chestnuts in its own batch. They lend the gin its unique smoky flavour, without dominating. For the final refinement of this blended gin a rare smoked stone salt from the Swiss Alps, the “Sel à l’Ancienne”, is added.



Juniper, bitter oranges, quinces, coriander, ginger, chestnuts, smoke and salt



Before the maceration the chestnuts were intensively cold-smoked for 40 hours. They lend the nginious! Smoked & Salted Gin its special smoky flavour.


50cl 42%

nginious! Smoked & Salted Gin

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