Summer spirit in and on the bottle


For the summer edition of nginious! an entirely new recipe was composed. Apart from juniper and blueberries it consists of peach, jasmine blossoms, fresh sweet limes, white pepper and rhubarb. It is easy to guess that fruity-floral notes dominate.The summer gin is a little lighter than our nginious! Swiss Blended Gin, with a clearly more feminine orientation. This gin is distinguished by the well-known freshness.



Juniper, blueberries, peach, fresh sweet limes, jasmine blossoms, white pepper, rhubarb roots and rhubarb


Maceration & Rest Period


Preparation: Fruits are tossed gently by hand, and followed by a brief, intensive maceration. Rest period is at least 6 weeks after distillation.


50cl 42%

nginious! Summer Gin

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